CCF Rules and Regulations

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1. In the interest of all our guests your are asked to avoid anything that might disturb the community. Avoid any noise disturbing the peace. Set any radios, TVs etc. at such a low volume as not to disturb others. Exposing the premises to any acoustic noise coming from car stereos or other hifis is absolutely forbidden. Please observe the period of quiet between 13:00 hrs and 15:00 hrs, and absolute silence during night’s rest between 22:00 hrs and 7:00 hrs.

2. Instructions given by CCF members of staff are binding, in particular when parking caravans or cars and setting up tents. CCF reserves the right to refuse admission and/or to expel from the premises any persons displaying coarse or continuously disruptive behaviour or disregarding the CCF Rules and Regulations.

3. CCF premises are located in a nature reserve. Please use water sparingly and avoid soiling the environment. Makes sure that no person is endangered or disturbed by any tent pegs, pieces of string or rope, cables or other equipment. Guests bringing their own tents cannot be supplied with electricity as this is againts the general fire regulations. On departure the site must be left in the same order and condition as you found it on arrival.

4. We attach great importance to cleanliness. This applies in particular to the sanitary facilities, Hot water and electricity supply in our sanitary facilities is meant for use within these facilities only. Infants up to the age of 6 must be accompanied by an adult. We also attach great importance to waste separation. There are different containers for different types of waste. Hazardous waste, i.e. car batteries, paint etc., must not be disposed of in our containers. Any breach of this regulation will attract a penalty charge for the removal or clearance of such waste.

5. Emptying chemical toilets into the floor drainage system provided for that purpose (in front of the sanitary facilities) and topping up your fresh water supply for the caravan is permitted after appropriate registration only and under the supervision of a member of CCF staff. On departure please make sure you leave your onsite parking space in clean condition.

6. Dogs must be kept on the leash. Any dog dirt must be removed instantly and disposed of in one of our waste containers (labelled “Restmüll“). CCF sanitary facilities are out of bounds for dogs. The dog owner is liable for any damages incurred.

7. Only registered vehicles may enter the CCF premises. Road traffic regulations apply. Driving is permitted at walking speed only (“Dead slow“/10km/h). No repairs or servicing works may be carried out. Driving or walking on the paths and tracks of the CCF premises is at your own risk. In winter, when there is snow and frost, in bad weather etc. please ascertain for yourself if conditions permit the use of any onsite tracks and paths either by car or on foot.


8. On the CCF premises it is "absolutely" forbidden:forbidden


• to damage any CCF appliances or facilities provided for general use
• to light a fire or to have a barbecue at an open campfire (permitted when using appropriate barbecue grills only)
• to wash your caravan or car, to dig holes and ditches.
• in the sanitary facilities: to smoke, wash clothes, cook, wash the dishes, dispose of food
• to bring with you larger amounts of waste and to dispose of these in our containers
• to dispose of waste anywhere else than in the waste containers provided and to dispose of hazardous waste
• to drive faster than at walking speed (10 km/h)


9. Guests are obliged to compensate for any damages caused by themselves or their own guests.CCF does not accept liability for any items lost or damaged, for accidents or injuries of any kind.

10. Please check out at CCF reception before departure. Departure must take place by 13:00 hrs otherwise a further overnight-stay fee is payable. When checking out the electricity and water consumption will be calculated and any deposits returned. Please leave your campsite in clean condition on departure. The costs of any necessary subsequent cleaning will be charged to you.

CCF Administration